Prices in Bruges

Prices in Bruges

The economic living standard in Bruges is high and this is noticeable in the workaday prices. Anyway, in Belgium people brag about having one of the best economic living standard of Europe. The difference between the salaries and the live cost is quite good. For instance, the minimum monthly wage in Belgium is more than 1.200€ (about 1.300 $) and the average monthly wage is around 2.700 € (about 2.925 $). In any case, Bruges is a lot cheaper than the capital of the country, Brussels, but you have to get out of the touristic area to find good prices.


The average price of a dinner composed by a dish, a dessert and a drink is around 25 or 30 € per person. Within these prices, you will find places with good quality and where you can taste the typical Belgian dishes. For the lunch, you will find offers with interesting menus for less than 20€ per person. Our guides will recommend where to eat in Bruges out of the touristic area.

Anyway, if you are looking for something cheaper or you want to eat fast to continue visiting the city, there are places to eat something cheap and fast. For example, you can find soups, sandwiches, salads and hamburgers for less than 10 € per person. You also can find some truck-foods and the famous French-fries places.

Beers in Belgium are normally expensive because they are a quality and thorough product. A Trappist beer should cost between 3 and 4 €. Nevertheless you can find also cheaper beer, for instance the Jupiler beer, a blond soft one, should cost around 2€. But we recommend you to enjoy the typical beers from the city of Bruges and the most famous one is the so-called “BrugseZot”. There is lot of great places to drink a beer around the city, but one of the most popular is the Spain House.