The Weather in Bruges

Belgium is a country where the rain is almost always present. The average rain days per year is over 200, but in spite of this figure the rain here is intermittent. As we are in a flat country located near the North Sea, it is normal to see the rain and the sun several times during one day. In any case, there is a big difference between the seasons.


  • The Winter in Bruges is usually cold and less rainy than the summer. The temperature is usually around 5ºC, but the temperatures below 0ºC are not rare. In Bruges, as in the rest of the country, snowfalls are common during the winter. There is a big difference between the weather in the East and the one in the West of the country. In the West area, where we can find the coast and Bruges, the climate is mild, but in the East side, around Liège and the border with Germany, the climate is colder. In a winter day, we can have a difference between the temperature from the West and the East of 10ºC.

    Because of this, we must travel with warm clothes and appropriate footwear. There have been years when the temperature falls to -15ºC and all the canals freeze. When this happens, people usually do ice skating races in the canals. In winter we also have big differences with the daylight hours. During November, December and January the days are really short. The sunrise is usually around 08:30h and the sunset starts at 16:30h.


  • The summer in Bruges is a perfect time to discover the city. The weather is warm but we don’t have too high temperatures and without a doubt it is the most joyful time in the city. The average temperature is around 22ºC but during heat waves the maximum temperature rises to 35ºC. In any case, if the weather is too hot and you have time, you can go to the beach because it is only 20 km away!


  • Spring and autumn are suitable seasons to come to Bruges. The temperatures are mild and the days are long. For many people, the most beautiful moment to visit Belgium is spring, when the flowers are bloomed and the days have won the fight against the tough winter. In the country you will find several flower parks that are open only during spring, parks with a lot of flowers, lakes, bridges…a wonderful moment to discover Bruges. In this season the most beautiful spots in the city are the Begjinhof and the Lake of Love (Minnewater).


Weather in Bruges

If we go on holidays, obviously, we don’t care about the time of the year or the season. Each moment has its own charm. Winter with the cold and the shades of gray typical from Bruges and its medieval houses, the crowded beer bars, the winter markets and the frozen canals. Spring brings flowers, terraces and the happiness of having the sun again. Summer shows us the nightlife with crowded streets, parties and heat. And finally, autumn gives us beautiful shades of red, beer festivals and a calm city.

In Bruges we have every season and each one has its own charm. Depending on your preferences, you will enjoy more one or another. Enjoy the good part of each season and don’t get stressed because of the weather.

In any case, discovering Bruges without people is maybe the best way to do it. You have to know that Bruges has 110.000 inhabitants and hosts 4 million of tourist every year. If you want to enjoy the calm and peace of the city, the best moment is after 18:00h, when the tourists leave the city, then you will see Bruges as described in the famous book “Bruges the dead”, an empty city stuck in the past.