Prices in Brussels

The economic standard of living in Brussels is high, which pushes prices up. However, in Belgium, they proudly boast of having one of the best qualities of life in Europe, in terms of economy. The difference between salaries and the cost of living is very good. The minimum monthly wage in Belgium exceeds 1,200 € and the average monthly salary is about 2,700 €. 


The average price for a dinner or a meal with a dish, a dessert and a drink is between 25 and 30 € per person. You will find good quality restaurants where you can taste the typical Belgian dishes for those prices. 

However, if you do not want to spend so much money or if you prefer a faster meal in order to save time and make the most of your day, there are more affordable restaurants in Brussels. You can find soups, sandwiches, salads and burgers for less than 10 € per person. 

Beers are more expensive, since they are of a high standard of quality. A Trappist beer may cost between 3 and 4 €. However, there are also softer beers. For less than 2 € you will get a Jupiler, a famous low-proof alcoholic Belgian beer. 


A metro single ticket costs 2 €. You can transfer as many times as you want for one hour. It is the same ticket for metro, tram and bus. If you are planning on using extensively the public transport or if you go with a group of people, the best option is a ten-trip ticket, which costs 14.5 €. 

Taxis in Brussels are expensive. We do not recommend using them unless you agree a fixed price in advance. In any case, you should avoid rush hours when traffic is chaotic in the capital city. 


Hotel rates depend on the area and the quality of the hotel, as everywhere in the world. But something people do not normally know is the difference we find during the four seasons of the year. Hotel fares are normally higher during the summer, weekend and holiday periods in most destinations, but not in Brussels. They can decrease by a third of the weekly rates. Remember that Brussels lives off of the European Institutions and businesses, and not of tourism. If you look for offers, you will find affordable accommodation in Brussels 

Average hotel prices: 

  • Affordable: Between 20 and 25 € person (youth hostels)
  • Medium-Low: Up to 60 €
  • Medium: Between 60 and 85 €
  • Medium-High: between 85 € and 120 €
  • Luxurious: More than 120 €

* Prices per person