The Weather in Brussels

Belgium is a country where it rains almost every day. The average annual rainfall exceeds 200 days. Despite these facts, it is a very intermittent rain. Due to the fact that it is a flat country next to the North Sea, it is common to see the sun and the rain several times in the same day. However, there are important differences between the four seasons.


Brussels’ winter is often cold and less rainy than the summer. The average temperature is around 5 degrees, but negative temperatures are also common. In Brussels, like in the rest of Belgium, snowfall is common during the winter. There are important differences between the east and the west of the country. To the west coast, towards Bruges, the weather is warmer; unlike the east, towards the border with Germany and Liège, where the weather is colder. On a winter day, there are differences in temperature of about 10 degrees. 

For these reasons it is strongly recommended that you travel with warm clothing and suitable footwear. 

In winter, there are also important differences in sunlight hours. During the months where days are shorter like November, December or January,  it begins to get light later than 08:30h and it gets dark at 16:30h. 


Summer in Brussels is perfect to explore the city. The weather is warm, but not too hot. Days are longer. Undoubtedly it is the liveliest time in the city. The average temperature is about 22 degrees, with highest temperatures of 35 degrees during heat waves. 


These are two highly recommended seasons to visit Brussels. Temperatures are mild and days are long. For many people the most beautiful time of year to visit Belgium is the spring when everything is full of flowers and days have won the battle against the winter. In the country there are various floral parks, which open in spring, acres full of flowers, lakes, bridges… A real beauty to be discovered in Belgium. 


Obviously, whenever we go on holiday, we do not care about the season. Each one has its own charm. The winter with cold, gray days, so typical of Brussels, with crowded breweries, winter markets and frozen channels. The spring with flowers, terraces and the joy of the people. The summer with the heat, parties, terrace nights and crowded streets. And the autumn with reddish colours, beer festivals and cities without crowds. 

In Brussels we have all seasons, each one with its own charm. According to your preferences, you will enjoy more one or another. Enjoy the good of each season and do not get too much concerned about the weather.