The best views of Brussels

How can we enjoy a panoramic view of the Belgian capital if there are no hills? Fortunately there are several buildings in Brussels which function as a lookout, and that is why in Nice Day Tours we offer something different, a different and inexpensive way of seeing Brussels, sometimes even free. Through this article we list the buildings and monuments from where you can take one of the best photographs of Brussels.


The Cinquantenaire Park and the Arc de Triomphe

Something Leopold II did not think about when he built the Parc du Cinquantenaire was that the Arc de Triomphe would have one of the best views of the city.

The Palace of Justice of Brussels

The Palace of Justice of Brussels, which was at that time the largest building in the world, was built in seventeen years only, from 1866 to 1883. Since 2000 it is undergoing restoration works. These works are said to last more than the construction works.

The Museum of Musical Instruments of Brussels

It is one of the best viewpoints in Brussels. On the roof of this Art Nouveau building there is a restaurant where you can access for free.

Car Park 58, Brussels

Yes, you read that right, our latest viewpoint of the best free-of-charge views of Brussels is a car park.





The Basilica of the Sacred Heart or Koekelberg

It is the fifth largest Basilica in the world. It was built by Leopold II. It is not only one of the largest Catholic churches in the world, but also the largest Art Decó building.

The Atomium of Brussels

This is one of those monuments that do not need presentation. Anyone who hears speaking about Brussels will most likely think of the Grand Place, beer, French fries and, of course, the Atomium.