The Atomium of Brussels

This is one of those monuments that do not need presentation. Anyone who hears speaking about Brussels will most likely think of the Grand Place, beer, French fries and, of course, the Atomium.

Although that Belgian King so obsessed with the monumental Paris had already died fifty years before the Atomium was built, it is curious to see that this increased atom of iron, 165,000 million bigger than a real atom, ended up having the same use as the Eiffel Tower, as if trying to imitate it. Both buildings were born as the main attractions of the Universal Exhibition of 1889 and the Universal Exhibition of 1958, respectively. In both cases, they were intended to be temporary structures dismantled after a period of time. However the public interest was so important that they were not dismantled.

The Atomium became one of the important monuments in Brussels, and at that time it represented a masterpiece of engineering, both its structure and the fact of having the world's fastest elevator built until then (5 metres per second). Today is one of the main attractions of the city and from the top (nearly 100 metres) you will enjoy stunning views of the city of Brussels. Near the Atomium you will find the Mini Europe park with 1/25 scale models of major European monuments. You can also visit Laeken Park, next to the Royal Palace of Laeken, the Chinese Pavilion at Expo 58 or the Japanese Pagoda.


  • Every day: from 10:00 to 18:00 hours.
  • The restaurant: is open until 23:00.


  • Adults: € 11.
  • Students, children between 12 and 18 and over 65: € 8.
  • Children between 6 and 11 years: € 6.
  • Under 6: free.


Atomiumsquare, 1020, Brussels.


  • Metro: Heysel, line 6.
  • Tram: Heysel, line 51.
  • Bus: Heysel, lines 84 and 88..