Where to stay in Brussels

Brussels is a city where the atmosphere changes dramatically depending on the neighbourhood. 


The city is divided into two parts. In the upper town you will find the noble neighbourhoodsand the well-off of the Brussels’ society (Avenue Louise, Royal Palace, European Neighbourhood, Sablon, Courthouse, Montgomery, Cinquantenaire Park, Uccle). A stately, quiet atmosphere. The lower town of Brussels, the ancient heart of the city, is home to its most famous area, the Grand Place. This is recommended for those looking to staynearby the city centre and the Gare Centrale area (central station). The atmosphere of the streets surrounding the Town Hall is good, mainly touristic. Near the stock market (Bourse), there are two less touristy areas of great interest: Saint Géry square and Sainte Catherine, two areas with the authentic Brussels atmosphere. You will find the most recommended breweries and restaurants of the European capital mixed with a modern atmosphere. Nothing to do with the"butchers" street next to the Grand Place. 


For tourists looking for affordable prices and a place to stay near the Grand Placethere is a recommendation. In the areas located near Gare du Nord and Gare du Midi, the atmosphere is not nice, they are quite dirty and, sometimes,problematic. They are not far from the city centrebut you should think twice before looking for a hotel in these parts of Brussels. 

In short, if you are looking for an area near the Grand Place, the best choice is Sainte Catherine, Saint Géry and everywhere around the Grand Place. 


Hotel rates vary depending on the area and the quality of the hotel.But it is less well known the factthat there areimportant differences in prices depending on the season. In most destinations rates are higher in summer, weekends or general holiday periods. But in Brussels, rates are lower during those periods. They can drop by one third of the weekly rate. Brussels lives off the European institutions and businesses, and not off tourists. 

We hope that this brief summary will help youwithyour decision. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will help with finding accommodation. We have both hotels and apartments.